Forever Live


Live At The Stadthalle Kleve, Germany, June 12th 1993

The Wake     
The Darkest Hour     
Widow's Peak     
Out Of Nowhere     
Nostalgia / Falling Apart At The Seams     
The Last Human Gateway (Middle Section)     
Fading Senses     
The Thousand Days     
Leap Of Faith     
Human Nature     
The Enemy Smacks     
The Last Human Gateway (End Section)


Scenes From The Day
(including commentary by Peter Nicholls)
Extra Tracks From The Concert
Stadthalle, Kleve, Germany (12.6.93)
1. No Love Lost     
2. Wiggle
Early Versions
Noorderligt, Tilburg, Holland (22.1.93)
1. The Darkest Hour     
2. Fading Senses     
3. Came Down     

Bonus Tracks
Noorderligt, Tilburg, Holland
1. Further Away (3.9.93)     
2. Corners (22.1.93)     
3. N.T.O.C. (Resistance) (22.1.93)

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